Boss, I just realized that I’m in love with you. Please marry… ah, no, please accept me!
— Andy to Tang Xiu[1]

Andy is the female assistant of Kang Xia.


Beautiful loli lady with huge rabbits (boobs). A Petite western Blonde Girl with a doll-like face, looking delicate and lovely with the contrast of a bust and uplift magnificent plump chest.


Mischievous, fierce and determined, she is a woman full of confidence on herself.




She was just only eight when her parents took her to China. After having lived here for six years, only then did they return back to the United States. In particular, after she returned back to the States, she made friends with a lot of Chinese descent people there, so she had a very deep knowledge about domestic customs. If it weren’t for her Westerner looks, perhaps, nobody would have believed that she was a foreign girl.[2]


  • She confessed to Tang Xiu to become her lover.[3]
  • She had overdosed on medicinal pills.[4]
  • Holds a special chef's license.[5]
  • Used to be a Michelin 3-star chef.
  • Su Lingyun added her on the ninth page of the family register. (ch-1253)


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