Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical was a leading major enterprise in Star City and its main business was the medical industry. It was one of the best companies in the medical business nationwide. Chen Zhizhong was the Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical’s big boss with assets worth more than several billion yuan and also had a prominent status

“Qilin bone, White Tiger’s veins, and Flying Ape’s long arms.”
"What a pity! Such a suitable body for cultivation and he has neither a supreme cultivation method nor a master to teach him. The body has now even been reduced into such a wrecked condition. It’s really unfortunate!” Tang Xiu
Master Tang, your martial arts boundary is at the level of which I haven’t heard of. You have cured my internal injuries,  you’re my savior. Please accept me as your disciple, benefactor!” Chen Zhizhong
“This war blade belonged to Discalceate Diabolos. He was once a famous and prominent figure in command of countless Diablo Praecantator Clan’s experts. This war blade of his is also a fine immortal weapon. You must refine this war blade and use it as your weapon before you advance into the Immortal Stage. When you’re powerful enough and have refined this war blade in the future, you’ll have a genuine immortal weapon for yourself.”


Realm Chapter
Late Stage Body Integration 1242


  • Tang Xiu helped him to breakthrough to 3rd stage.[1]
  • Tang Xiu accepted him as his disciple-in-name.[2]
  • He inherited bloodlines of Diablo Praecantator Clan.[3]
  • He is one of the people who knew about Tang Xiu's real identity.[4]
  • Is said to have nascent soul stage power. [5]
  • Has seal cast on him [6]
  • Ch.1242 late-stage of Body Integration


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