Earth Cultivation Stages

Dao Cultivation

Rank Realm Stages Lifespan
1 Qi Refining
  • Early
  • Middle
  • Late
  • Peak/Perfection/Great Circle
100+ Years
2 Foundation Establishment 200+ Years
3 Golden Core
4 Nascent Soul
5 Soul Formation
6 Body Integration
7 Great Ascension
8 Crossing Tribulation 

Buddhism Cultivation

No Realm Stages
1 Zen Meditation
  • Early
  • Middle
  • Late
  • Peak
2 Light Initiation
3 Abstinence
4 Paltry Fulfillment
5 Spirit Channeling
6 Spirit Journey
7 Astral Projection
8 Great Perfection
9 Atman
10 Seven Transformation

Celestial Wizard Cultivation

No Realm
2 Magus Avus Equal to Golden Core Stage

Immortal World Cultivation Stages

Rank Realm Stages
9 Immortal
  • Early
  • Middle
  • Late
  • Peak/Perfection/Great Circle
10 Earth Immortal
11 Celestial Immortal
12 Profound Immortal
13 Golden Immortal
14 Perfected/Great Principle Golden Immortal
15 Supreme Immortal  

Divine Worlds Realm Cultivation

Rank Realm Stages
15 Deity
  • Early
  • Middle
  • Late
  • Peak/Perfection/Great Circle
16 True God
17 Great God
18 Heavenly God
19 Golden God
20 Profound God
21 Ancient God
  • Early
  • Middle
  • Late
  • Peak/Perfection/Great Circle
22 God King
23 God Monarch
24 God Emperor
25 God Sovereign
26 Supreme God 

Fleshly Body Cultivation of Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis

Realm Stages

1 - Stars Tyrannical Body

  1. Vitality Tempering
  2. Skin Strengthening
  3. Flesh Strengthening
  4. Bone Transformation
  5. Meridian Transformation
  6. Marrow Transformation
  7. Viscera Transformation
  8. Blood and Qi Circulation
  9. Nine Core Phase Forming
2 - Stars Heavenly Essence
3 - Stars Essence Integration

Stars Cluster Transformation

the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, which focused on physique tempering. Had it been an ordinary cultivator, even if they had broken through to the Nascent Soul Stage, they would’ve been killed by such a huge impact.

Each of the three big stages was a level themselves. And the second big stage of the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis was the Stars Heavenly Essence, which was also split into nine layers.

Tang Xiu had just advanced to this big stage, making his strength extremely formidable. The second big stage not only tempered his physique but also enabled him to unleash the power in his Dantian to the outside world, to go straight to the sky and echo with the stars in the universe, thus enabling supernatural abilities based on astral power.

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