Disciple from Immortal World

  • Unofficial Disciple of the Heavenly Emperor Tian Ji 

Learned the Stars Advancement Divination Art 

  • Successor Disciple Shade Demon Zhu Wushou

Deceived him to obtain the formation chart of the Spatial Space Matrix

  • Was hit by Zhu Wushou’s Twilight Nightmare.


  • The first time Tang Xiu reunited with her is in unconscious state.[1]
  • She reunited with Tang Xiu in her conscious state.[2]
  • Tang Xiu finally cure her after he got Chrono Crystal from Kuwako Yamamoto.[3]
  • She proclaimed herself as Tang Xiu's woman.[4]
  • Tang Xiu finally accepts her feelings at the end of chapter 1015
  • (Ch.1250) cultivation has been restored to the Golden Immortal Stage.
  • Tang Xiu's mother added her on the first page of the family register.[5]


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