Han Qingwu is the reincarnation of Xue Qingcheng, who was the wife of Tang Xiu in his past life.


She was wearing a black and white checkered short-sleeved shirt revealing her snow white skin on her arms, a bright red skirt, and a bright silk stocking.

This lady had a long and straight beautiful hair which was elegantly captivating, a standard goose-egg shaped pretty face, a bright and clean forehead, skin as white as snow, refined long eyebrows, a sharp nose, lips with an exceptionally gentle and beautiful curve that was so tender that makes people want to take a bite on it, and a sharp and smooth chin. In other words, it was a perfect and flawless face.Her damp red hair was sticking onto her cheeks, appearing mesmerising like a flower. Her body was releasing an indistinct sexiness that was more impactful than her beautiful looks.

Cultivation Progress

Rank Realm Stages Novel
9 Immortal Early Stage 1319


  • Tang Xiu kissed her when he mistook her for Xue Qingcheng.[1]
  • Tang Xiu saved her from a car incident, but he was hit and sent flying by the car, turning him into an idiot for period of about a year[2]
  • She got fragments of memory of her life when she was living in Immortal World.[3]
  • She eventually recovered her memory of her immortal life.[4]
  • Tang Xiu confronted her with Little Wuwu and finally she gave in then tell him the truth of her recovered memories.[5]
  • She killed herself as Xue Qingcheng after Tang Xiu's death in the Immortal World.[6]
  • She returned to Immortal World by herself.(ch-1319).
  • She got 4 Supreme inheritances and gained wealth to build Missing Star Empire.[7]


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Quote from chapter 446 when she gets memory fragments of her ambushing Tang Xiu, "Yes. But I can’t see what the person looks like. The person was like a shadow amidst the flashes of lightning and the rumbling thunders. A-and… the woman there, she looks very much like me. Yet she looks like she was in deep pain, despairing and hopeless. She wasn’t willing to do it, but she still forced to do something. That was, to assault the person amidst the flashes of lightning and rumbling thunder." (I feel like I gotta post it for people like me wonder 24/7 why she betrayed him).

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