Han Qingwu is the reincarnation of Xue Qingcheng, who was the wife of Tang Xiu in his past life.


She was wearing a black and white checkered short-sleeved shirt revealing her snow white skin on her arms, a bright red skirt, and a bright silk stocking.

This lady had a long and straight beautiful hair which was elegantly captivating, a standard goose-egg shaped pretty face, a bright and clean forehead, skin as white as snow, refined long eyebrows, a sharp nose, lips with an exceptionally gentle and beautiful curve that was so tender that makes people want to take a bite on it, and a sharp and smooth chin. In other words, it was a perfect and flawless face.Her damp red hair was sticking onto her cheeks, appearing mesmerising like a flower. Her body was releasing an indistinct sexiness that was more impactful than her beautiful looks

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