Jia Ruidao only received 3 apprentices in his whole life. Respectively, they were the Eldest Apprentice Gong Dalong, the 2nd Apprentice Zhang Tiechun, and the 3rd Apprentice Jia Yelei.
Jia Yelei was Jia Ruidao’s son and also his successor. The 3 brothers had a good relationship. They supported and cared for each other, and were just like blood brothers. Their good relationship was even well known throughout the Shuangqing Province. The only minor defect to the otherwise perfect brotherhood, was that Jia Yelei loved vanity and glory. His extreme impulsive nature made Gong Dalong and Zhang Tiechun often clean up his mess, even Jia Ruidao also had to do the same.

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