I must correct you. A real man doesn’t mean it has to be proved through fighting. I think people who solve the problems with their fists are either desperately forced or a fool. Now, think for yourself, which kind of person are you?
Kang Xia to Su Xiangfei

She’s a legend in the business circles. She has successfully managed a lot of acquisition and financial mergers, developed a lot of new projects as well as established a lot of marketing channels. She has an undisputable reputation, and is very famous in Wall Street.

3 years ago, she returned to our country and was hired by the Pang Group as a CEO with an enormous contract price. In less than 3 years, she successfully increased the Pang Group’s total assets 4 times over from before. If it were not because of that idiot Second Young Master Pang, the Pang Group would perhaps have been able to enter into the top 50 enterprises in China in the next few years.


Cold and detached, tenacious, and has the adventurous spirit to take huge risks, loves to take unconventional moves, has a keen sense and accurate timing to grasp the opportunity, as well as being able to take decisive decisions and actions in a short amount of time according to the circumstances


  • Tang Xiu first time met her in his school.[1]
  • She had sex with Tang Xiu.[2]
  • She treated herself as Tang Xiu's woman[3]
  • She had sex the second time with Tang Xiu. 495 and third in 581.
  • Tang Xiu's mother added her on the third page of the family register.[4]


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