• In love with Tang Xiu
  • First s*x with Tang Xiu 1121
  • She is two months pregnant in 1402
  • Su Lingyun added her on the fourth page of the family register. (ch-1253)


Tang Xiu met her when she went to Tianjin to get some precious minerals and ended up defying an arrogant boy who tried to humiliate her and harass her for a painting contest, ending with Tang Xiu winning the contest and giving her painting, thus arousing interest in him


Expressing the mood by the brush and playing with the inks to express it elegantly. This is what I understood in accordance with those scholars. That’s why painting is just the spice of life. But don’t let it become the main path in life, much less become obsessed with it. Otherwise, the rest of your life will be very plain and boring. Take it! Everything this Tang has given is not supposed to be taken back.” Tang Xiu to Mu Wanying - Ch.224

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