The Soul Phantasmagoria Demonic Flower was a terrifying demonic flower in the Demon Realm that was definitely ranked in the top ten objects. It had a bright scarlet appearance, was alluringly beautiful, and had a faint floral scent. Once one smelled it, one would feel their soul stimulated at first. But as time went by, it would make them fall into a dreamland, while their bodies would be more violently stimulated. Even if one was an Immortal with a very powerful cultivation level, inhaling the scent of the Soul Phantasmagoria Demonic Flower for a long time would make him fall into madness and eventually die.

however, that was not the worst. The most terrifying was after taking it. If a formidable expert with a powerful cultivation level used the flower for medicine or in concocting pills, there was only one outcome -- death. Therefore, this Soul Phantasmagoria Demonic Flower was also called Flower of Death in the Demon Realm. After it was used as medicine or concocted into pills, it would become colorless and odorless. It simply wouldn’t reveal any abnormalities. It wouldn’t bring any qualitative changes to medicines and pills whatsoever.[1]


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