Tang Xiu is the main character of Returning From the Immortal World.


Tang Xiu was wearing plain clothes, it was unusually clean and tidy. His short black hair made him look particularly high-spirited. Coupled with his bright and piercing eyes, high nose and thin lips, as well as his tall and straight stature, it gave off the kind of good look and graceful charm feeling.


Cold and ruthless towards his enemies. Protective towards his family and friends.


He had an accident and part of his soul reincarnated in the Immortal World, where he became the strongest cultivator.

The single strand of Tang Xiu’s injured soul had travelled to the Immortal World and entered the body of a wealthy grandson of the Immortal World’s[2] Vermilion Bird Holy Sect’s manager. There, he lived a life of ten thousand years, all full of excitement. He lived a life of a dream-like ten thousand years!

When he was crossing the Heavenly Tribulation, his girlfriend and his two best friends betrayed him and killed him for a mysterious old book called The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis  that came from to the Ancient God Demon, but Tang Xiu did not give it to them because that technique could not be cultivated, Tang Xiu discovered with amazement that ten thousand years passed in the Immortal World, yet only a single year passed on Earth.

Founding of The Great Tang Empire (Ch.1252)

Cultivation Progress (Essence)

Realm Stage Chapter
Great Ascension early 1224
Crossing Tribulation late 1249


Stage Chapter


Celestial Immortal 1323
Profound Immortal
Golden Immortal 1331
Great Principle Golden Immortal
Supreme Immortal
Realm Stage Chapter
Deity Skipped
True God Skipped
Great God Skipped
Heavenly God Skipped
Golden God Skipped
Profound God Skipped
Ancient God Great Circle of Perfection 1411
God King -
God Monarch -
God Emperor Great Circle of Perfection v15 #1406
God Sovereign -
Supreme God Great Circle of Perfection v15#1407

Cultivation Progress (Physique)

Stage Realm Chapter Notes

Stars Tyrannical Body 1022

Vitality Tempering Peak 49 Strength 3000#

Skin Strengthening

(Great Circle Perfection)



Strength 20,000#
Flesh Strengthening

(Middle Stage)





Bone Transformation Peak 389 Golden Core
Meridian Transformation 535
Marrow Transformation


Viscera Transformation


Blood and Qi Circulation 862 Nascent Soul lvl.
Nine Core Phase Forming 1022
2 Stars Heavenly Essence 1152
1st Layer
3rd 1072?
9th 1224
3 Stars Essence Integration 1331

Stars Cluster Transformation


Chapter 1151- Can confidently kill a Late Soul Formation Expert

Cultivation Progress (Body)


Stage Chapter

Buddhist Golden Body




Origin Ignition Art- was a common energy circulation technique in the Immortal World, similar to a breathing technique. It did not require any cultivation foundation and even ordinary humans would be able to fully utilise it. Although it would consume a little amount of life force from one’s body, it would not cause harm to the user. Of course, the ‘Origin Ignition Art’ had its limitation. Even though it can boost the user’s strength, it would only last for a short duration. Chapter 2




  • Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron - This Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron was the most valuable treasure that once belonged to the super powerful Supreme Devil—Jia Luo Ye in the God Realm.
  • Bloodguzzler - Dagger
  • Interspatial Ring - it boasted hundreds of square feet inside and was able to hoard tons of things.
  • Soul Slaying Spike - flying nail unleashed a technique that caused his Primal Chaos Force to surge out and wrap the Soul Slaying Spike. and a drop of blood.


"Even if the world were slandering me, bullying me, disgracing me, laughing at me, ignoring me, taking light of me, loathing me, and lying to methe way to handle it was simply to endure them. Let them be, leave them be, avoid them, tolerate them, respect them, and finally ignore them. Just wait a few years later and then meet them again".
"The autumn rain is falling with the missing of the beloved one, worrying about the son in the remembrance…
“The journey to immortality is never-ending, with an undecided will and faltering…

“To the sky, I looked up and asked; to the earth, I looked down and talked; as ten thousands of years unhindered I walked. The Underworld of Hades I trampled on; The Highest of the Heavens I stamped on; for the path to the Gate of Heaven, I bitterly sought to knock on. The regrets inside the soul linger, longing for the wish so difficult to appear, for returning back to those moments I deeply desire…

- Zither Play Chapter 159

"Time and years pass by in a hurry like a dream for the immortals..."
"In the boundless immortal ocean, I have poured out my feelings, as Qingcheng's beauty dances like dust in my fairy dream…"
- Zither Play Chapter 444
"The Falling Flowers are Yearning for Love, Yet the Heartless Brook Ripples On"...


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