The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis was a mysterious cultivation technique unintentionally recovered by Tang Xiu at an ancient remnant of the Gods and Demons, and this cultivation technique was passed down from the Ancient era.

It was said that during the Ancient era, when heavenly energy was not formed yet, the world was filled with formless energy. The human race were like ants while the world was dominated by the God and Demon races, where their martial skills could move mountains and drain the seas.

The ancestors of the God race had extremely powerful insights, thus their cultivation technique was mostly on cultivating the mind. On the other hand, the ancestors of the Demon race had extremely powerful physique, thus their cultivation technique was mostly on cultivating the body. Although the cultivation techniques of both the Gods and Demons were extremely powerful, but it clashed with each other mutually, making it impossible to cultivate both techniques at the same time.

It was also because of the God and Demon’s overly powerful cultivation technique that caused the extinction of both races, leaving behind only traces of the battlefield and fragments of secret techniques.

The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis that Tang Xiu had found was claimed to be a supreme cultivation technique that allowed both the geniuses from the God and Demon races to cultivate it.

After getting the cultivation technique, Tang Xiu went frenzied with joy as he began studying the technique. However, after a 100 years, he had no choice but to admit that he was unable to cultivate it.

The reason was that this cultivation technique requires the cultivator to have his physical and mental state returned back to the initial point when the cultivator was given life, which means, returning back to the state when they were just a fetus. Not only does it require the body to be in the purest form, the mind also had to be in the purest form. This was simply impossible to achieve.


“With the gods in the sky, and the demons on land, the universe had determined the gods and demons to be separated. If gods are holy beings, are demons the lowly ones? If demons are superior, are gods the inferior ones? The universe is always moving, strength and weakness are hard to separate, Yin and Yang will eventually meet. When both forces gather, fusion occurs and the form of good and evil will coexist as one. This is the Dao of yin and yang…”

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