• An exceedingly naive woman with high cultivation but no fight experience who don't even know that all her family were killed because of her because she is just an idiot


A beautiful young woman arrived. She was wearing a white dress and several centimeters high heels, carried a white bag in her hands, and her loose graceful hair was blonde. Her each and every movement gave off a strong and intense feminine vibe.


Since ever since she was born, her body appeared to have different changes and transformations compared to ordinary people. She couldn’t tell whether these changes were good or bad, but she was aware that she possessed stronger strength, spirit, health, learning speed, and survival abilities far more than that of an ordinary person’s.

Hence, she was recruited by a transcendental organization, from whereupon she was trained. Thereafter, she had long since become a special existence; the only god-like existence in the entirety of Holy See. She was thereupon canonized as a saintess who was thought as unlikely to become the next Pope, yet she possessed equal standing and privileges just like the Pope.

It was because she possessed strength!

Yet, even though she directly left the Vatican when she was 14 years old and had been wandering around like a rootless duckweed ever since, still despite this, she didn’t dare say that she was in control of her own destiny.

“My Lord, this lass called Viviani was using the Sacred Light Blood Arts of the Brightwing race. This Sacred Light Blood Art is extremely vicious both to the enemy and the caster as it’s essentially burning their blood essence and life force—one of the ultimate forms of this forbidden art. The most important point of using this art is burning one’s life force.”


  • She was capable of kissing Tang Xiu as her speed is faster than his.[1]
  • Su Lingyun added her on the thirteenth page of the family register. (ch-1254)


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