Zhang Xinya is the most popular superstar in China (a singer to be exact). She was also well-known in all parts of Asia, she even had a big influence all over the world. To her, Tang Xiu was her man, the person she loved the most. The one and the only person she ever will. Even going as far as to live on to old age alone than go out with another man. The good thing is Tang Xiu accepts her feelings after he sees that his love feelings for Xue Qingcheng (also know as Han Qingwu), is the same way she views him; The whole world.

  • , is the same way Tang Xiu helped her get a medicinal herb to treat her father's disease


"Once I saw a place in my dream. It's a paradise in the desert…"


  • She was an honored auctioneer in Hong Kong.[1]
  • She did a duet with Tang Xiu, she sang while he played the zither.[2]
  • She's deeply in love with Tang Xiu.
  • She got accepted by Tang Xiu as his woman.[3]
  • She had sex with Tang Xiu.[4]
  • Su Lingyun added her on the seventh page of the family register. (ch-1253)


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